Dems prove to be out of touch

Sure, some in the Arizona legislature are out of touch – they still have yet to fix the budget problem, and very few seem to be willing to admit the catastrophic effects of even more cuts to the state.

However, when it comes down to it, our congressional Democrats really take the cake.   All five Arizona Democrats voted for the controversial healthcare reform bill, which passed on a 220-215 vote.  So, in essense, it was the Arizona delagation who put the bill over the top.  However, the problem is, this healthcare bill is going to be wildly unpopular in Arizona.

By making all of Arizona’s Democratic congressional members close ranks and vote for the bill, the Pelosi gang has just placed a huge target on their Arizona friends, especially Harry Mitchell.  Giffords and Kirkpatrick better start making their fundraising phone calls right now.

When the burden of this bill is realized by the taxpayers of Arizona, especially in the context of this current budget crisis, they are going to freak out.  You think the tea-parties were bad?  Just wait until people who don’t own an article of clothing made to look like an American flag start showing up and complaining as well.

Seriously guys?  This is the best time to wreck healthcare even further?  What about the deficit?  What about the wars in Iraq or Afghantistan?  What about the forclosures?  Is it me or does a Democratic controlled Congress and White House feel like a drunk kid with their dad’s credit card?


2 Responses to “Dems prove to be out of touch”

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    […] standing on the sidelines and no one is calling them out on it.  Meanwhile, nationally, they are forcing a TERRIBLE healthcare bill down our throats and smiling while they do it.  How can anyone in their right mind look at the Democrats right now […]

  2. Democrats’ house of cards begins to collapse « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] also said that the Dems were out of touch on this healthcare bill, and from the looks of Brown’s victory in Mass., I was right.  All […]

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