No good deed goes unpunished, but bad deeds do.

We live in a world with rules, and I understand that, but somehow it seems that the rules don’t apply equally for everyone.  Take two stories from today’s paper:

First, local churches in Phoenix with underlying residential zoning are banned from feeding the homeless.  Despite their desire to do the right thing and help those in need, especially in these tough times, they have to be respectful of the rules and follow city requirements.  It’s an unfortunate situation, and something that really should be addressed.  However, rules are rules and they should be lived by.

Now, juxtapose that with the story the fact that child-care liscencing fees are about to shoot through the roof and everyone is pointing the finger elsewhere.  Legislators are aghast at the increase in fees, but what did they think was going to happen with these massive budget cuts?  Rules are rules, these centers need to be regulated and the safety of the children preserved.  Did they think things were going to stay the same? 

Even worse, “First Things First” who hasn’t had to make a single cut refuses to help out.  See, the rules are on their side, because they are protected from the budget cuts.  Their little board gets to make their own decisions, and despite being sold as a way to help early childhood development, they are refusing to help ease the cost increases to the childcare centers.  Now, if these centers are forced to close, how does that help the kids?

So, a church is doing the right thing, and is being prevented from doing so, but no one is to blame for this giant negative impact on childcare.  How is this right?


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