Arizona tied with Rhode Island

We are tied with Rhode Island for the second worse budget situation, trailing only California, who has resorted to what appears to be the world’s biggest yard sale and using the taxes from their citizens like a cash advance.

Once again, the focus is placed on the blame, and not on the solution.  Waaaa, it’s Napolitano’s fault, waaaaa it’s Bush’s fault, waaaa it’s Obama’s fault, waaaa it’s Brewer’s fault, waaaa it’s the GOP’s fault.

Who cares!  Let’s just get this thing fixed.  The story says that Arizona’s budget deficit is $2 Billion this year and as high as $3.3 Billion for next year.  For those who want to cut their way out of this problem, I am all ears on how this would be done.  Explain to me what you are going to cut to save $5.3 Billion over the next 18 or so months.

I am hearing a lot about the “Nevada” model or the “Texas” model and a bunch of other ideas, but until Arizona magically has gambling or oil, those don’t seem to be all that realistic of solutions.  Plus, in all of these scenarios, the idea is that we are going to grow Arizona out of this recession and out of this budget hole. 

So, when it comes down to it, for all of this “living within our means” tough talk, these guys aren’t really all that ready to make the deep cuts.  Apparently businesses just grow on trees, and if we do all of their magical suggestions, it’ll start raining money to fix our problems.  One commenter put it rather succinctly:

Ok, according to this presentation… from Jan Brewer in April, here is where we spend our money:

K-12 Education 42%
Corrections 10%
Universities & Regents 10%
Economic Security 8%
All Other 7%
Health Services 6%
Community Colleges 1%
School Facilities Board 1%

The total amount required is ~$10B and we instead have $6.3B. So we have to take this 100% amount and reduce it to 63%

We’ve got to cut about 37 percentage points out of this…

So, let’s hear the solutions!

This is why this is not easy…

Gee, it sure looks like a big piece of that turkey is held up in K-12 education.  Good luck carving that bird!


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