Yet another legislative FAIL on the budget

For those of you counting at home, taxes are bad and we shouldn’t even have a chance to vote on them.  Now, there is a new wrinkle, apparently now cuts are bad too.  At least, any policy changes that come along with the cuts are bad.  One Republican Senator decided not to show up today, thus grinding the latest special session to a halt.

Allllmost got a budget this time.

Even less surprising, the Democrats also voted against the deal, proving once and for all that they really aren’t FOR anything.  Sure, we get that the wingjobs in the GOP wing will stop at nothing to gring their majority to a halt, but the Democrats are the most perplexing – not voting for a tax, but not voting for a cut either.  They are literally standing on the sidelines and no one is calling them out on it.  Meanwhile, nationally, they are forcing a TERRIBLE healthcare bill down our throats and smiling while they do it.  How can anyone in their right mind look at the Democrats right now and not think they are only looking out for themselves?

This is yet another debacle where we have to wait all weekend to see what happens.  In the meantime, probabaly even more shenanigans will ensue making the budget fix even more difficult to fix.  Seriously, is there anyone in the legislature who really cares to fix Arizona?


5 Responses to “Yet another legislative FAIL on the budget”

  1. Real Republican Says:

    Thayer is a REAL Republican! Vote out all the RINOs!

    • fixarizona Says:

      What does that even mean? Who will vote for anything if all the legislature is nothing but these “real” folks. Just saying no over and over is not a solution. The only thing real about them is their unwillingness to fix the state’s problems.

  2. Stephen Courtright Says:

    It’s a bit hypocritical to call out the Democrats for both the state and national problems. At the state level, they may be culpable for voting “no” only, but that same indictment should apply to the Republicans at the national level. Perhaps a bit of true statesmanship at the statehouse would be in order. If the parties in Arizona would actually talk to each other and put together a budget based on reality, not ideology (how can Republicans possibly insist on cutting services to the poor and funds from K-12 education while simultaneously refusing to raise fees on businesses?!), I’m sure the citizens of this state would be grateful.

  3. Lolz! Says:

    Yeah,kill the entire republican party except for the most rabid.

    That will get a lot of votes.

    Doing Terry’s work for him.

    Good job Maricopa GOP.

    Remember, when you have nothing, you might want to finally do some deals.

  4. Voters finally get a choice « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] In the end, it was a bipartisan effort that got this thing done, with Republicans and Democrats both voting in support.  On both sides of the aisle, people are still fairly unhappy, which just may mean that its the right thing to do.  Perhaps Democrats also finally realized that they were going to have some trouble if they didn’t finally figure out that they needed to be FOR something.  […]

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