The current state budget hole sits at $1.6 billion for this year, and more than $3 billion for next year.  More major cuts are coming, but that still may not be enough.  The iceberg is upon us and we are still quibbling on what should be done to fix the state.

First, it’s abundantly clear that more significant cuts will have to be made.  $300 million was a good start, but more will have to be done.  Let’s face it, with so much of the state budget wrapped up in education, there are going to have to be more cuts made in that area.  It’s almost like some people just woke up to this fact.  “Holy crap, they are cutting education?!?  Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?”  Well, fixes were offered up, and they failed to get enough votes.  So now, we are left with cuts.  Thank the Democrats and a handful of Republicans for not fixing the problem.

Now, how much to cut?  Some people say cut all the way to balancing the budget.  Well, where should the state cut?  I’m all ears.  Apparently, cutting education is bad.  So is closing the rest stops.  Everyone wants the state to make big cuts just like a regular person does, but they complain with each loss of service.  We are still stuck with the notion that there is magical money out there that should found and cut.  Anti-tax rhetoric grows, but it is not buoyed with any connection to reality – no definitive cuts offered, no real solutions found.  But hey, it sounds nice.

In fact, others think that if we cut even more taxes, the money will start rolling in.  Ah yes, I bet people are going to run to Arizona because the taxes are even lower.  Who cares about the fact that there is no good schools for their kids and public safety is at a bare minimum.  Who needs a quality of life anyway?

The reality is, either stop complaining about the cuts that the state is making, or get on board with letting the voters decide.  Standing on the sidelines doing nothing is not a solution.


2 Responses to “ICEBERG!!!”

  1. BOB HARAN Says:

    Excellent post, too bad the Democrats and a few Libertarians wearing the Republican label, i.e. counterfeit Republicans, have their heads stuck in the sand when it comes to solving the budget problem.

    Bob Haran,
    American Conservative Republican

  2. And the beat goes on « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] I have said before, it is abundantly clear that more cuts need to be made.  The question is, where?  And how do we continue to move down this path not knowing if there […]

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