Say, brother, can you spare a million?

There is a new name in the Governor’s race, and he’s got big money.  “Buz” Mills made a big splash announcing that he pumped over $2 million in personal cash into the race, and he wants to make sure everyone knows it.  While he may be big on money, right now, he appears short on specifics.  Don’t go looking to his website for answers, either.  Right now, its just his name, seven words, and an Arizona flag that appears to be made from silk sheets.  Fancy.

Just like all of the other candidates, he needs to come to the table with a plan.  This is especially true since he is trying to play the entrepreneur card to counteract any accusations that he is trying to “buy” this election.  Don’t get me wrong, money is not a bad thing.  Now that he has money, he can focus his time on putting together some policy plans. 

Perhaps, his financial recovery plan can be to offer the state a personal loan!  Heck, if he donated the $2 million to the state, the current budget hole would only be $1.498 billion for this year.


2 Responses to “Say, brother, can you spare a million?”

  1. Nate Hale Says:

    The website launches on January 11th.

  2. Plan Watch Update « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] week, I suggested that “Buz” Mills could perhaps loan the state some money since he was throwing a big wad of cash in.  No word back on that, or his website, which someone […]

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