Voters finally get a choice

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I read the front page of the paper.  Apparently, the legislature is finally going to let the voters decide on the tax issue.  After months and months of back and forth, we’re finally where we should have been months ago. 

In the end, it was a bipartisan effort that got this thing done, with Republicans and Democrats both voting in support.  On both sides of the aisle, people are still fairly unhappy, which just may mean that its the right thing to do.  Perhaps Democrats also finally realized that they were going to have some trouble if they didn’t finally figure out that they needed to be FOR something

Sure, its only a part of the overall budget fix, but it is the part that has been debated the hardest.  The good news is that we will finally be given a chance to have a say.  Its our turn to decide what kind of services we want the government to provide.  We have already seen some of the major cuts that are on the horizon.  The question will be, should the Government make even more cuts, or should we look to temorary revenue to keep basic services while the economy recovers.

The next few months should be very interesting.


2 Responses to “Voters finally get a choice”

  1. Real Republican Says:

    Those RINOs who voted for this tax increase will pay come election time.

  2. Yeah, right. Says:

    About fricking time.

    Sure took long enough for the few R’s with any brains to finally do a deal with the dems and get it passed.

    As for “Real Republican”, I guess he would have voted against Ronald Reagan too.


    The far right has given up thinking in exchange for Sarah Palin and Grover Norquist leading them to oblivion.

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