All we care about is fixing Arizona now.  It doesn’t matter who’s plan it is.  We just want the job done right, and done soon.

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  1. Bob Haran Says:

    An Open Letter to Arizona Senator Pamela Gorman

    Dear Senator Gorman;

    You seem to have forgotten whom you work for, please let me remind you, you work for the people of Arizona. I am a citizen of Arizona and a resident of the district you represent in the Arizona Senate, therefore, as a citizen of Arizona and a voter from the your district, you work for me.

    Since the majority of the Arizona Senate and the Governor of Arizona are unable to reach an agreement concerning raising the sales tax temporarily by one cent to help close the budget gap and save some services to the people of Arizona and since you and Senator Ron Gould have blocked referral of this question to the ballot, I now want you to allow my fellow citizens and myself to decide this question by the process of a legislative referendum.

    Enough is enough, you have made your point, you are against an increase in taxes, however, I really do not care about your making points, your ambition or some pledge you made to get votes, I care about Arizona.

    If the governor can trust the people, why can’t you?

    Bob Haran,

    The writer is a Republican Vice Chairman of the district Senator Gorman represents.

  2. Bob Haran Says:

    Please check out American Conservative Republican http://amcongop.blogspot.com/ OPEN LETTER To PAM GORMAN With COMMENTARY

  3. Bob Haran Says:

    Please check out American Conservative Republican post “A Courageous Governor” http://amcongop.blogspot.com/

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